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About Us

The factory of windows ŁUKPLAST 

ŁUKPLAST Window Factory located in Lukow and was established in 2001. From the very beginning we have been manufacturing windows and doors from PVC and aluminium. The production is based on the proven technology of the German Rehau system and Aluplast system.

Extensive experience of our German partner and a young and professional workforce has allowed us to quickly achieve high quality of our products and services.

We care about all our clients and their satisfaction during the contract performance and long term partnership. Quality for us is an important part of every step of the product life, therefore we constantly modernize our technological base. Our customers are companies and private clients from across the Poland and from countries such as Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Sweden, Ukraine.

Policy of quality

Policy of quality of the company Łukplast is based on the pursuit of providing customers with the products that meet the increasingly high expectations and needs. At the same time meets the legal requirements relating to the product and other building codes.

Continuous improvement of production processes and service delivery, expanding assortment of our products and the implementation of new technology is used to improve quality and is the basis for the development of the company and strengthening its market position.

We are providing systematic inspections of our products and services to ensure customer satisfaction.


Windows Factory ŁUKPLAST relies on a high level of professionalism along with the continuous development of modern production technologies. All products: PVC profiles, fittings, IGUs, steel reinforcements, have quality certificates, and the finished product is regularly tested by a specialist laboratory technology. We provide a training courses for our workforce, it allows us to guarantee the highest quality products and services./p>

Our products meet all European technical standards and are certified according to technical approvals required by Construction Law.

Our production is based on the highest quality raw materials and components. These are:

  • high quality PVC profiles of German company Rehau and Aluplast,
  • IGUs of Pilkington company,
  • fittings of the market leading manufacturer Siegenia,
  • aluminum profile systems of Metra company.


The domestic sales

In our showroom you can rely on professional service. Qualified personnel from the sales department will answer all questions in order to match the offer that meets your expectations..

Foreign sales

Department of Export deals with international sales. For more information please contact the office by e-mail:

Our partners


The company Aluplast is the largest Polish supplier of PVC window systems.

PVC windows and doors, offered by our company, is currently performed in Poland by more than 200 authorized manufacturers. Aluplast as one of the few representatives of the industry is listed on the list of 500 largest companies in Poland, published, among others, by the Policy, the Republic and the Banking newspapers. Aluplast also twice held first place in ranking of the largest plastic processors in Poland. Aluplast Group is one of the most rapidly growing manufacturers of PVC window systems in Europe and currently occupies 3rd place in the ranking of European manufacturers.


As a premium brand in the field of polymer-based solutions, REHAU is a leading provider of global markets products and systems for construction, automotive and industry. REHAU offers intelligent solutions for housing, utility, industrial and infrastructure construction.

The pillar of success of the company are windows and facades systems, internal installations , infrastructure and environmental engineering. Complements are complete system solutions for modern energy efficient construction and acquisition of renewable energy sources.

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Łukplast - Okna i drzwi

"ŁUKPLAST" Dylak, Rychlik S.J.
21-400 Łuków, ul. Dworcowa 14, Poland
tel./fax: +48 (25) 798 37 76