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Colours of profiles

Colourful designs


As more and more colourful becoming the world around us, so it gradually increases the popularity and market share of coloured windows. Richer range of colours of foiled profiles and price competitiveness of plastic woodwork demonstrate its increasing popularity over the years and the strong dominance of the woodwork.

In recent years, significantly changes the way of thinking about architecture. This is mainly reflected in the search for both the design of the building, as well as products used in the solutions to give these objects a unique and individual character. In the wake of this goes increasingly wider range of manufacturers of various kinds of construction materials, which gradually extend their offers so as to be able to meet these expectations. Beside the shape of the windows and doors large impact on the aesthetics is colour. It is an element of fascination for both customers purchasing windows and architects who therefore be able to give the appropriate accent to the planned buildings. Unquestionably the best architectural projects has just the perfect harmony of form and material.  

A new generation of colours - "Cool Colours" and "Life-Like"

Observing the changes and with the aim to provide manufacturers of windows new arguments in conversations with potential clients Aluplast introduced a seven new types of decorative foils for profiles. It is a new generation of foil with 20% reduced absorption of heat. It is widely known that the profile laminated with decorative foil is much more susceptible to heat. Especially dark colours of applied foil, lead to extreme temperature variations on the surface and inside of the profile.

In a technology called "Cool Colours", thanks to the innovative - patented pigments we achieved an absorption reduction in the area of rays of the infrared spectrum which are most responsible for heating the material irradiated by sunlight. Mentioned technology is used primarily for the production of a foil of a new group called "Life Like".

Profile foils "Life Like", in several essential aspects are a real breakthrough in the field of laminating foils for PVC window profiles. First of all, the construction of foil structure was changed, thereby obtaining product particularly "flexible" in the treatment allows accurate fulfilment even in the tightest hollows. At the same time completely eliminated the tendency for secondary shrinking of the foil (the so-called Memory effect), thus eliminating the possibility of cracks in the foil on the narrow edges and sharp corners of the profile. Hydrophobic lacquer in combination with suitably shaped recesses in the surface structure causes water pollution and somehow they are automatically removed from the surface of the profile.

Foils "Life Like" offered in the new decor, matched by the best masters of the design. Their characteristic feature is the extraordinary resemblance to natural wood, combined with a steadily expandable range of colours gives creative designers really wide range of possibilities. Matt lacquer and delicate, velvet extremely natural structure of the film surface, causing the profile of after the gluing is hard to distinguish from the wooden profile.

An interesting solution, which can be an interesting alternative to aluminium foil is coloured brushed aluminium. In its production was used microscopic grains of metal, which resulted in an extremely realistic look of aluminium.

Available colours

Click on the image to enlarge it:

  • 01 Dąb Specjalny
  • 02 Dąb Naturalny
  • 05 Mahoń
  • 06 Ciemny Dąb
  • 11 Daglezja
  • 15 Oregon III
  • 23 Złoty Dąb
  • 27 Orzech
  • 28 Walnuss Terra
  • 29 Walnuss Amaretto
  • 30 Ciemny Zielony
  • 32 Ciemny Czerwony
  • 33 Palisander
  • 34 Szary
  • 40 Szary antracytowy
  • 41 Stalowy Niebieski
  • 43 Zielony
  • 44 Biały
  • 47 Brylantowy Niebieski
  • 50 Kremowy
  • 52 Brzoza
  • 60 Szary antracytowy piaskowy
  • 61 Szary piaskowy
  • 62 Szary Bazaltowy
  • 63 Aluminum Szczotkowane
  • 95 Dąb khaki
  • 99 Szary kwarcowy

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