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IDEAL 2000

The IDEAL 2000 - the classic which is still popular.

System of 60 mm wide, with the outer seal and 3-4 chambers. The stiffness of profile allows the execution and proper functioning of windows of various shapes and functions. The highest quality of workmanship and the strengthening made of galvanized steel, guarantee an exceptional durability of windows system IDEAL 2000. The dual seal system with a rebate gaskets made ​​of a material resistant to weathering and the appropriate glazing ensure efficient thermal and acoustic isolation. Narrow visible surfaces, special curves and inclined at an angle of 15° surfaces give the windows an elegant, classic look. IDEAL 2000 is suitable to be used in almost any type of buildings. System has many variants of combinations of offset with respect to each side surfaces of the frame (variant-faced) with an outer surface lying in the mid-thickness of the rebate of the frame and lying in a plane outer surfaces of the side frame (variant flush).

It can be easily used both in historical buildings, as well as houses, office buildings or big blocks. The use of stylized profiles and decorative mouldings enables you to receive overall consistency of style of windows with a facade of the building and its interior. Devoid of edges and corners, with rounded frames, wings and glazing beads, round line version allows you to create windows that meet not only all the functional requirements, but also satisfy the most sophisticated tastes.

Advantages of IDEAL 2000:

  • multi-chamber design provides thermal isolation and acoustic insulation (1.5 W/m2K according to DIN 52619);
  • large chamber gives the possibility to use steel reinforcements guaranteeing adequate static;
  • 13 mm shift of the axis of the fitting groove from the edge of the frame makes it possible to use wider hooks, thus increasing its resistance to burglary;
  • aesthetic and invisible seals;
  • 15 degree bevel edge of the frame and sash ensures optimal water drainage;
  • smooth surface of the frame enables easier cleaning and maintenance;
  • the possibility of using a wide range of glass packets with the dimensions up to 33 mm;
  • compact soft curves and bevels give the profile a modern and elegant appearance;
  • the possibility of using glazing beads of various shapes, that allows multiple styling;
  • wall fixing the external drainage enables the partial recess the bottom of the frame.
  • IDEAL 2000 Euro
  • IDEAL 2000 Round line

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