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IDEAL 4000

The system IDEAL 4000 is a new generation of profiles that already meet the requirements of future windows.

The system of a width 70-85 mm, with the outer seal, 5-6 chamber. It combines the latest technology with the highest comfort. Strong construction of profiles with depth 70-85 mm and a large compartment for steel reinforcement guarantee optimal static parameters and enable the implementation of large-size windows. Multi-chamber design provides while high thermal and acoustic isolation. Original and harmonious design, combined with a large richness of system solutions provide unlimited opportunities to create windows and highlighting one's own style. Classic, elegant lines of slender profiles with clear contours is a guarantee of timeless elegance. For people seeking for exceptional flexibility to create their windows we created a series of round-line, distinguished by delicate optics and mild rounding. Thanks to the rounded contours of windows we guarantee an attractive appearance and perfect fitting into the character of modern interiors. Different types of glazing beads allow for additional styling the windows and match the character of the interior.

The system IDEAL 4000 is universal in its applications, well suited to both modern architecture building and family houses. In the second case, where often it is not possible to enlarge the window opening, a particularly important advantage is the reduced height of the frame and the sash, what increases the area of ​​the glazing and allows the rooms to let in more light.

Advantages of IDEAL 4000:

  • 5-6 chamber structure and installation depth 70-85 mm ensure optimal thermal and acoustic isolation (up to Uf = 1.3 W/m2K);
  • large chamber gives the possibility to use steel reinforcements guaranteeing adequate static;
  • aesthetic and invisible seals;
  • 15 degree bevel edge of the frame and sash ensures optimal water drainage;
  • 13 mm shift of the axis of the fitting groove from the edge of the frame makes it possible to use wider hooks, thus increasing its resistance to burglary;
  • extremely durable and modern seals ensure that the windows are tight and reliable;
  • compact construction of soft curves and bevels give the profile a modern and elegant appearance;
  • smooth surface of the frame enables easier cleaning and maintenance.

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